Priority Give Way Rules App

XYTO (pronounced zytoh) is a fun interactive way to speed up learning of the priority give way rules on NZ roads.

Based on the official NZ Road Code which sets the guidelines and rules used to test learner drivers, about 30% of the code's content is related to the give way rules. So getting 'a handle' on these rules is imperative for all learner drivers.

Based on an old match-box method of teaching - this program will help you to learn the priority rules by engaging the cognitive processes necessary for framing decisions and correctly applying the rules long before you get behind the driving wheel.

The presentation of the graphics in this app has been deliberately done to resemble those used in the actual NZTA computer generated tests. So consistency is assured between the animated scenarios in this app and the images you will encounter in the official theory testing.

The Paid app features 2 game options:- uncontrolled and controlled in either the standard or hard mode and the Free version has all the uncontrolled options plus some controlled ones. Each game option comprises a session with a set number of scenarios that are randomly sequenced by the App. Accordingly there will be some initial focus challenges as your brain establishes the necessary connections. However and very quickly the give way rules and their applications will become second nature as you progress. At the end of each session there is a score analysis that will tell you how well you did and it will also list and categorise incorrect answers based on their critical outcomes. The suggestions offered in the program will direct you to the give way rules you are having the most problems with and the internal tutorial will help you identify them. Finally you'll know when you have mastered the priority Give Way rules once you achieve 5 consecutive sessions without errors.

You can use this app to compliment the existing NZ Road Code and other related teaching resources, however it is truly an independent learning tool allows you to master the give way rules simply by running the sessions alone.

XYTO is for anyone wanting to learn the NZ Give Way rules at intersections quickly and more effectively.

  • Easy to use
  • Designed to engage the mental processes needed to apply give way rules well in advance of getting behind the driving wheel.
  • Use this app to understand and apply the prioriity give way rules independently or in conjunction with the official road code.
  • Includes its own tutorial which can be accessed during session runs at any time.
  • You can choose to share your best successful results to the drivertool's website for others to view.


Download free from Google Play Store. For phones and tablets.

Features non-controlled scenarios, tutorial, instructions and session history.

XYTO Version - for ANDROID

Buy Full Version

Purchase and download for Android devices directly from Google Play.

Features all of the above including controlled scenarios with give way and stop signs, pedestrians and lights, Y intersections and roundabouts (single and multiple) and traffic lights with multiple lanes.

XYTO Version - for ANDROID


Other devices forthcoming

We're in the process of developing the DTGW app for IOS smartphones and tablets, the Apple Macs and Windows.

In the meantime if you have any questions about the app then please feel free to contact us.

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